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US workers
"Between 2002 and 2012,
wages were stagnant or declined
for the entire bottom 70
percent of the wage
distribution. In other words,
the vast majority of wage
earners have already
experienced a lost decade, one
where real wages were either
flat or in decline."
"a lost

1960 - 30% of US workers
belong to a Union
2011- 11.8% of US workers
belong to a Union
What is happening to Unions
in America??
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Is there a
War on the Working Class?
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Cary Realbuto
IRSA Lodge 1
If you are NOTpissed off
you're NOT paying
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An album of classic Pro-Union songs by
Tom Morello
Rage Against The Machine
List of over 800 pro-Union,
Pro-Labor Songs!

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Burger King in Bid to avoid US taxes
Many of America's most profitable
Corporations pay little or no Federal
Income Taxes
Which Corporations? How do they do
it? Does your $ support these
Find out HERE.
Website that promotes "Bringing Calm to American
Political Discourse". Many sensible, middle of the
road graphics, many in support of Worker's Rights.

Chamomille Tea Party