How will the new Text Alert System/
Contact Database be utilized?
A limited number of Board members will have access to create
and send text alerts. Emergency Alerts will provide immediate
notice of events such as audits, visits from outside agencies,
service disruptions or other concerns. Regular Alerts and
E-mails may be for Meeting or event reminders, may suggest
you view an important update on the website or contain other
more routine info. The Website will support this system by
providing more detailed information through researched data,
as well as provide members with a forum for feedback. The idea
is not to be intrusive on our members valuable personal time,
but to have multiple avenues for effective communication,
based on the urgency of the message.
answer provided by Cary Realbuto &
Steve Rieber.
Please explain the IBEW's change to Rule 14?
In the case where:
- you are a former member of the IBEW still paying dues to that
- you are currently a member of IRSA
- you are, for whatever reason, sent back to that Craft due to a
disciplinary action

- if there IS an open job available you will occupy that open job.
- You will
NOT carry bumping rights.
- if there is
NOT an open job available for you to fill, you will be
furloughed until the next bid sheet comes out and
THEN you will
be able to exercise your seniority rights by bidding a job.
- Yes, if all jobs are then filled as a result and a junior Electrician
is left without a job, they will be furloughed.
answer provided by Robert Santos
IBEW Rule 14 &18 Amended
Download PDF here
Railway Labor Act
at a glance
I received a letter from the Carrier regarding reporting the
use of a company vehicle. How should I handle this?
National Mediation Board
It is in your best interest to fill out this paperwork and
return it to the Carrier. If it is determined that you
operated a company vehicle for personal use (you
swiped in on a company vehicle) you could be taxed
on the value of that use. The formula for the value of
that use is difficult to assess, but 1 example is that a
Foreman swiped in to a particular vehicle 2 times and
that value was assessed at over $5000! Fill in the
paperwork, report that the vehicle was used for
company purposes
only and return the form.
answer provided by Nick Gentner
Railway Labor Act
You have questions? We have answers! On this page we will take questions from IRSA Members.
Please send questions to . Questions will be forwarded to the Member
most able to answer them and answers will be posted here when available. Keep in mind that
some info requires discretion and will be answered as best as possible while maintaining
individuals privacy and with regard to negotiating and other protocols. Also any inappropriate
emails will simply be ignored and deleted.
Railway Labor Act (RLA)
These 2 links give a simple
yet comprehensive
explanation of the Railway
Labor Act, the Collective
Bargaining Process and
the role of the National
Mediation Board and helps
to understand terms such
as "cooling off period" and
Terms Defined
Mediation FAQs
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UPDATE: Anthem, Inc., the parent company of Empire BlueCross BlueShield, issued a press
release today announcing that in the coming weeks a letter will be mailed to all current and
former members, reaching back to 2004. The letter includes updated information on the cyber
attack and advises members that they will be automatically enrolled in an identity repair
program at no cost for two years as well as instructions on how to enroll in additional services,
including a credit monitoring program, also at no cost for two years. Members can immediately
enroll in this service by going to or calling the vendor at
877-263-7995.  Phone lines will be open from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET on Friday, and will be
open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET Monday to Saturday.  Spanish-speaking members may access
information at , or receive assistance in Spanish at 877-263-7995.
Health and Welfare Deduction Glitch
Update 3/11/15 - The Board is aware of the ongoing issue and is working with the BSC to
correct this.

You may have noticed the before tax deduction on our pay stubs that reads "Rail Road Health
and Me" can vary. This deduction should normally be equal to your hourly straight time rate
($45.436) x 2% (.02) x 40 hrs or $36.35. If for some reason you were NOT paid by the carrier
for straight time (ie: you were compensated for UB or had an AK,AU or DS not paid) then that
would be reflected in the 40 hrs # and the end sum would be adjusted lower. If your rate of pay
is not yet at 100% you would also pay a lesser amount weekly than the $36.35
However you may have also noticed that if you worked double time in lieu of straight time you
were charged the double time rate (or $90.782) for this deduction and this is improper. The
weekly maximum deduction at our current 100% rate x 40 hrs should always be $36.35. Please
look over your pay stubs, copy any that have had an improper amount deducted and forward
these to IRSA Vice-General Chairman Pat Reilly at or
This is a software Glitch that our Board is aware of and they are working with the BSC to
correct this.