2014 Health & Welfare
reimbursement reinstated!
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Upcoming Meetings:
Independent Railway Supervisors Association
Lodge # 1
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Questions? Suggestions?
Send them to
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Memorandum of Understanding
send questions to irsalodge1@gmail.com
If you have not received email
updates or text message notices
from the IRSA Board you can
send your name, cell #, home #,
address, emergency contact and
Non- railroad email address to:

Message from  General Chairman James Snyder
updated Sep 23rd
Meeting are held the 3rd Tue of the month
at 5:30PM
AOH Hall
27 Locust Ave Babylon, NY
Oct. 21
Nov. 18
some meetings may be added
or canceled as needed
Defferred Compensation Questions?
employees who were unable to make any of the sessions but have general questions
should call the MTA Business Service Center (BSC) at 646-376-0123.  Hours of
operation are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  The call center staff will  
have scripts to respond to general questions.  Anyone with questions related to their
Prudential MTA 401k or 457 plan account should call Prudential at 877-756-4682.  
Prudential's call center is open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Or,
employees could go to the website at www.prudential.com/mta.
Q&A regarding Retro Check Distribution
Items being addressed at General Meeting, Tuesday Oct 21st

1. Nominations for Vice-President - (new Board Position)

2. Vote for an assessment

3. Re-vote for the switching of Lincoln's Birthday for
the day after Thanksgiving
Former IRSA Member Mark Nelson's
son Cody has been stricken with MS,
as well as suffering a stroke following
surgery, due to brain lesions caused by
MS. His rehabilitative care requires
specialized equipment and is very
expensive. Mark and his wife must also
dedicate a large amount of time to
Cody's care as he confronts these
challenges. Please follow the link, read
about Cody's brave struggle and if you
can, please make a donation.
Back Pay Options

To all members of IRSA Lodge #1:

   There is an October 31, 2014 deadline on what you wish to do with your
back pay as far as 401k, 457 and pay out options. What the Local Board is
suggesting you do is to log into the BSC Web site and do as follows:

   : First,  log into the BSC portal and sign in.
   : Second , go to E profile , retro pay deferred compensation.
   : Third, Fill out retro pay compensations elections percentage.
   : Fourth and very important, make sure you put in a percentage from
0 – 100 into the following that they offer you.

*NOTE: If you do NOT fill out the BSC form, whatever your normal weekly
deduction is will be taken out of the back check.
To contribute $0 from your back check to a 401/457 you must specify 0%,
if that is different from your weekly paycheck.*

  If you already filled out your forms from a few days or weeks ago. Please
redo them. There are now added options to choose from.
  Please read all of the instructions provided on the BSC website. If you
have any questions contact a board member. If you do not have a board
members phone number you can go to our website at
irsa1.org or contact a
Board member at
Fraternally Yours,
    Joseph P. Kateridge
      Recording Secretary